Design Your Microsoft Exchange Solution, Your Way

Gain the freedom to focus on your business with our portfolio of flexible managed Exchange Solutions

Give your organization the power of Microsoft® Exchange without the headaches of managing it yourself. Our flexible portfolio of reliable managed Exchange solutions – from simple per-user billing to fully customized, dedicated configurations – gives you the freedom to focus on your business, not on your email server.

The right solution
We offer multiple Exchange solutions to meet any business size or need.

Deep Expertise
Let our experts do the heavy lifting. We have hundreds of Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff.

Exchange Platforms

  • Access the power of Microsoft Exchange without the management stress.
  • Say goodbye to maintenance while activating all the capabilities you want.
  • Discover peace of mind with service that has your back, 24x7x365.
  • Access the power of Microsoft Exchange alongside the affordability of business-class ITL email with Hosted Exchange Hybrid.
  • Give your power users the robust features of Hosted Exchange, while lighter users enjoy ITL Email
  • Discover seamless administration with a single control panel that helps you manage your users.
  • Experience premium features and protections while staying within your budget.
  • Experience best-in-class enterprise email and messaging without the complexities and expense of hosting it yourself with Exchange Server.
  • Discover a single-tenant server solution built just for you, your business and your needs.
  • Enjoy industry-leading support and service to help you get the most from this application.

Get the Exchange Features You Need

Email Archiving

Email is the lifeblood of your business. Add email archiving to your solution to preserve your messages and attachments in top-tier, physically and logically secure data centers.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Stay connected to your email, contacts, calendar, tasks and more — from your mobile, tablet, desktop or webmail.

ActiveSync Compatibility

Send, receive and manage your email on the go. Free for iPhone®, iPad®, Android® and Windows® smartphones.

Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Stay one step ahead of malware and phishing attacks. With our three-layer scanning, you can keep threats from ever reaching your Inbox.

Ad-Free & Private

Your business is your business. We will not read or scan your email. And you won’t have to worry about pop-up ads ruining your email experience.

100GB Mailboxes

Don’t bother deleting your emails just to save space. With 100GB per user, you’ve got plenty of room for all your messages and attachments.

Hosted Exchange and ITL Email Hybrid

Give your power users the robust feature set of Hosted Microsoft Exchange, while lighter users enjoy affordable, business-class ITL Email — all on the same domain. Plus, you can manage all of your ITL Email and Hosted Exchange mailboxes in one place, using our centralized Control Panel.

Combine Platforms for a Customized Email Solution

Reduced Email Costs

When you combine Hosted Exchange with ITL Email, your business can meet the needs of all your users, while addressing your budget constraints. For example, a 50-user company can save 40% by moving half its users to ITL Email, compared to using Hosted Exchange alone.

Centralized Management

Our hybrid solution creates a seamless experience for your email administrators. From one simple Control Panel, you can add, remove and edit mailboxes, create aliases, set up email forwarding and more, across your Exchange and ITL Email users. One login, and one centralized location for managing it all.

Administrator Support

Give your email administrators the support they need. They can contact our email specialists around the clock, via phone, chat or ticket, to get help with their Hosted Exchange and ITL Email accounts and mailboxes. Plus, you’re always backed by our industry-leading SLAs and 100% Uptime Guarantee.

Business-Class Features

No matter whether you choose ITL Email or Hosted Exchange, you’ll always have our premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection, free self-service and assisted migrations, mobile access, Outlook compatibility, our 100% Uptime Guarantee and our expert, always-on support. Plus, you have the option of adding email archiving and cloud-based file storage, across your account.