Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Solve problems faster with custom infrastructure monitoring

Globally distributed applications need more than just basic monitoring. They need a quick and powerful way to continuously monitor the entire infrastructure stack, and a customizable level of detail that pinpoints core issues for speedy resolution.


Cloud Monitoring is an enterprise-grade solution that helps keep your applications up and running fast-all of the time. Remote monitoring tests connectivity from regional zones deployed throughout our global data centers, and agent-based monitoring gathers information from inside each resource-so you always receive the richest information possible.

Low-latency architecture means you’re always the first to know when your environment needs attention-through alerts or our mobile app.

Redundant deployment across three data centers enables ITL Monitoring to continue processing events and sending notifications-even if there’s an outage.

Customize your data collection, threshold criteria, and notification alerts so that monitoring is tailored for your workload and your organization.

Cloud Monitoring Features

Powerful Event Processing

Processes thousands of metrics a second, and executes alarm scripts as soon as there’s a problem.

Comprehensive Visibility

Remote checks makes sure your application is externally available, and local agents report system data from within.

Flexible Notifications

Decide who should be notified (and how) based on your organizational structure.

Simple Setup

ITL monitoring is automatically configured when you sign up for Cloud Databases, Cloud Servers, or Dedicated Devices

Auto Scale

Automatically Grow or Shrink Your Cloud 

Unexpected high demand can hurt your application performance-and even a brief performance drop risks losing customers. Our Auto Scale feature of Cloud Servers helps you prepare for high-traffic events and scheduled load changes, like sales promotions and holiday shopping. By creating a few simple rules that are defined and controlled, your application automatically scales to meet user demand.

Automatically add servers to meet high demand-and help keep your online services running smoothly.

Dynamically remove servers when demand is low to avoid over-provisioning.

Automate manual tasks to reduce errors and focus more time on customers.


Scalable Message Queuing in The Cloud

Easily connect your distributed applications without installing complex software. Simply log into your cloud account, and provision one or more Cloud Servers to get started.

You can immediately create queues and then start posting and claiming unlimited messages. No commitments or message storage charges-just pay $0.03 per 10,000 API requests. Standard outgoing bandwidth charges apply, but incoming and private network (ServiceNet and Cloud Networks) bandwidth are always free.

Built to Scale

Create queues quickly and easily, and send unlimited messages.


Create queues, post messages, and claim messages using a simple RESTful API.


Implement producer-consumer and publisher-subscriber models using one API.

Full Managed

Get guidance for your entire infrastructure, including your message queues.

**Additional Charges are applicable for Cloud Queues Services


Automate and Standardize Your Cloud Infrastructure 


Spin up a full production environment plus software with just a few clicks-so you can spend your time innovating, not installing.

We created the templates based on years of experience managing, scaling, and optimizing cloud stacks, so you can be confident you’re building on a solid foundation.

Automating stacks give you the confidence of knowing that your software is configured and optimized for the cloud.

Cloud Orchestration Features


Ensure your cloud infrastructure deploys quickly and exactly the same way every time.

Easy Configuration Updates

With Custom Templates, modify the configuration of your stack simply by editing the template and running an update (via Control Panel interface, from the command line, or by making a single API call) regardless of how many changes you’re making.


Don’t worry about how resources are instantiated and in what order. Just declare what you want instantiated.

OpenStack Component Support

Powered by OpenStack Heat with direct access to OpenStack components like Nove (Compute) and Swift (Object Storage).


Reuse your templates and move your stacks between any public or private OpenStack cloud that implements Heat. You can even reuse your Amazon Cloud Formation templates.

Managed Support

You get access to thousands of cloud engineers and OpenStack experts to assist you whenever you need it.