A STUDY ON HAPPINESS Professional Hosting Solutions Solutions for Small Business to Corporate Enterprise Interactive Technology Limited provides a wide range of products from hosted email to custome ecommerce platforms to critical application servers. We help you to connect, communicate and collaborate with your customers! A STUDY ON HAPPINESS Infrastructure &
Data Centre Resource
Cloud or Dedicated Public or Private Shared or Own IAAS or SAAS Infrastructure and Data Centre resources that fit your very need.
Scalable to unlimited resource stacks. Ranging from a simple
website on shared hosted platform to cluster of cloud server on
your won private network. You request and we provision.
Virtual Cloud Servers
High-performance, reliable servers to help grow and scale your business quickly and easily Reliable, Secure, Hybrid capability, Global Availability,
Flexible Options, Scale on Demand, Range of OS images, Storage,
Monitoring, Load Balancing, Networks.... and much MORE !

Why you should choose Cloud Active

Customer Service

Assistance at your Service

We have staff to provide you technical service via email and telephone and when requested. Service hours “usually” cover the normal working hours – 8.00am to 1.00pm, 2.00pm to 5.00pm (Weekdays).

Resource Protection

Optimum Resource Protection

Our technology identifies websites using excessive resources and temporarily re-assigns them to isolated systems. This defends your website performance and mitigates the risk normally associated with shared servers.


Add resources as required

Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows. Our custom technology makes it easy to upgrade your account to VPS or dedicated servers.



For Small Business
Ksh 12,000

  • /Per Year
  •  1 FREE Domain**
  •  1 Website Hosted
  •  1 GB Web Space
  •  5 email accounts
  •  Email Storage 1GB each
  •  Unmetered Bandwidth


For SME Business
Ksh 20,000

  • /Per Year
  • 1 FREE Domain**
  •  3 Website Hosted
  •  5 GB Web Space
  •  25 email accounts
  •  Email Storage 1GB each
  •  Unmetered Bandwidth
  •  3 MySQL Databases


For Medium Business

Ksh 35,000

  • /Per Year
  • 2 FREE Domain**
  •  5 Website Hosted
  •  50 GB Web Space
  •  50 email accounts
  •  Email Storage 3GB each
  •  Unmetered Bandwidth
  •  5 MySQL Databases
  •  1 SSL Certificate
  •  Spam Protection


For Corporate Business

Ksh 95,000

  • /Per Year
  • FREE Domain**
  •  10 Website Hosted
  •  500 GB Web Space
  •  100 email accounts
  •  Email Storage 5GB each
  •  Unmetered Bandwidth
  •  5 MySQL Databases
  •  1 SSL Certificate
  •  Spam Protection
  •  Parked Domains
  •  Sub Domains

**FREE Domains include only: .co.ke / .or.ke / .ne.ke / .ac.ke / .me.ke / .info.ke / .com / .net / .org / .co.uk / .or.ke

**The above packages are available only on the ITL Cloud Sites Platform

Affordable Email Hosting

ITL Email is an affordable, business-class email hosting solution with anytime, anywhere access and a 100% uptime guarantee- all backed by and industry leading SLA and administrator access to our team of email hosting experts, 24x7x365.

  • Users can access their email using Outlook, their mobile phones or through the webmail application.
  • Enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee with premium spam and anti-virus protection.
  • Experience the privacy you deserve, and know you’ll never see a pop-up ad.

A cloud service for Everyone

Get your company online TODAY !! With our powerful and affordable cloud sites service** (Shared server service).

Resource Monitoring – We easily identify when more resources are needed to support your website, then inform you accordingly and power up to teh next level.

Fully Managed Infrastructure – Our experts deal with maintaining languages, security patches, port access, and any issues that may arise on the hardware within our data centres.

Instant Scaling – Scale up CPU and RAM resources at any time. Our OpenStack-powered backend distribution technology makes it easy.

What can you expect?

Monthly or Annual Billing

Simple, no-nonsense way while avoiding any surprising usage fees at the end of the month. Billing is usually annual, monthly can be arranged for large accounts.

Data Mirroring

Cloud Sites automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and protection.

Automated Failover

If a hardware device falters, your site is rapidly switched over to another device to provide maximum uptime for your site.