Cloud Databases

Cloud Databases

MySQL Database-as-a-Service: Easy, Fast and Fully Managed

Get a performance-optimized database for your application in minutes. Cloud Databases gives you simple, on-demand provisioning and open APIs-so you can deploy MySQL, Percona Server, or MariaDB with minimal effort.

With monitoring and database specialists available to you anytime, you spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on your application.

From the network to the storage system and database configuration, we optimize every infrastructure component to provide peak database performance.

Easily provision, scale and access your databases using our control panel, API or CLI. Deploy in minutes and free yourself from time-consuming and costly management tasks.

Cloud Databases is available in all of our global data centers, and it’s backed by MySQL experts who tackle the management challenge for you. Add Cloud Databases to your solution and start enjoying the benefits of an easy-to-use database deployed on purpose-built hardware.


Built for Reliability

Redundant storage, power and networking help protect you from hardware failures. A dedicated storage cluster with synchronous data replication keeps your data available across multiple storage clusters and helps to protect against data loss.


Cloud Databases lets you painlessly add or remove replicas, move between instance sizes up to 64GB of RAM and scale storage up to 1TB (or even higher on request).

High Performance

Container-based virtualization delivers near bare-metal performance, and high-speed networking provides low-latency communication between your database and other Cloud Servers.

Reduced Complexity

Even complex features like replication, high availability, monitoring and backups are simplified and easy to enable via our Control Panel, API or CLI.

Additional Features

* Single instances, replica sets and High Availability groups

* Scale RAM and storage independently with minimal downtime

* SSL encryption for data security while in transit

* Dedicated support to help whenever you need it

* Scheduled or on-demand backups and restores

* Public IPs with ACLs on High Availability groups

* Supports MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB

* Container-based isolation for near bare-metal performance

* Customizable MySQL settings with configuration groups

* Easy access via Cloud Control Panel, CLI or API

* Fast, durable, and consistent RAID 10 storage

* Monitoring and alarms pre-installed